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What is PV and PV+?

JERA’s energy experts are here to help you understand if solar photovoltaics (PV) or solar PV plus battery storage (PV+) is right for your business.

Solar PV converts the sun’s energy into electricity that can be consumed on-site, stored for later use (PV+), or sold back to the grid.

PV+ refers to a PV system with battery storage (commonly lithium-ion batteries). Batteries can be charged both from electricity generated by your PV system and from the grid. To learn more about the benefits of adding battery storage to your PV system, visit the JERA website

How JERA Can Help Your Business Go Green?

JERA offers specialized support to businesses seeking to reduce power costs, increase energy reliability, and green their operations. JERA will help you:

Understand how PV and PV+ systems can benefit your business.

Navigate the regulatory and installation processes from start to finish.

Access financing through JERA investment partners for qualified projects or through curated financial institutions.


Electric Bill Savings

PV and PV+ can lower how much you pay for electricity, significantly reducing your business’s operating costs even while paying back the cost of the system.


Powering your business with clean, renewable energy can help you achieve sustainability goals and speak to an increasingly environmentally conscious customer base.


Battery storage provides reliable and resilient backup electricity, allowing you to continue operating critical systems for periods during grid outages.

Competitive Financings

JERA will support you in understanding your range of financing options, including competitive financing offered by JERA partners.



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